November 17

Game #2

I really enjoyed reading people’s blogs. I read a variety of blogs from the Orange Grinch, to video games, to the Philippines. The Orange Grinch post was relatable and interesting to watch. It provided new information that I din’t know before. I could understand where the person was coming from and why he wrote. The other post was video games. I couldn’t relate to video games. But, my brother is a little obsessed so, I could make a connection. It was an interesting point of view and I found out more about this person. Lastly, I read about the Philippines. Or more like about a person who was proud of where she came from. I totally agree with her pride and I have the same pride for my country. She posted many pictures that were very nice and she was very passionate. All in all I saw the variety on edublogs!

Blogs I read:

How the orange grinch stole the election

Video Games

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1 thoughts on “Game #2

  1. victoriaisd20

    Hey Maitha,
    I also enjoyed reading other peoples blogs there was such a variety of topics it was a lot of fun.
    – Alex O


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