November 24

My Ideal School

My Ideal school would probably be a location where there are a lot of visitors. Or where a lot of people go for vacation. For example the Bahamas, Maldives, or  Hawaii. It would be close to a body of water. This is so that all the classrooms would have a nice view. This is so that the students would be relaxed in class. Also, if they are in the middle of an exam they can look at the view to calm themselves down.

In the classrooms there would be more comfortable chairs, maybe even couches. There would be also a 15 minute break between each class. The students will have four classes each day. Rotating the classes between two days, like ours. There would also be and 1 hour for lunch where students can go anywhere they would like on campus. The school is from kindergarten to high school. The school would start at around 10 am and end at around 5:00. With the classes are an hour each.

The campus would have many leisure activities. Obviously there would be a library and a computer room. But, there will also be a lounge for students by grade. For example there would be a grade 5 lounge, grade 10 lounge etc. There would also be a lounge for teachers. In the students’ lounge there would be a fouse ball  and ping pong tables. There would also be microwaves and vending machines.

There would also be a beach like place where the students could eat their lunches. There would be a variety of places the students can buy their lunches. There would be fast food places if the students want something unhealthy. But, there would also be a healthy place for students who’d like to eat salads. Keep in mind that the food would be cheap. Teaches would also have access to this.

Also, I imagined it to be a boarding school.The dorms are an option open to only high schoolers.  The dorms would be spacious. With the students picking their roommates. Also, there would be an option of having your own room. The dorms would include a kitchen, a living room, and a bedroom with bathrooms of course. The dorms would be close to the classrooms.

This is just an idea of what my ideal school would look like.

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